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Satisfeye Contacts Club
As a member, you will receive a yearly supply of contact lenses by making low monthly payments. Contacts are shipped to you automatically before your supply runs out. You pay less upfront AND annually versus buying contacts by the box from retailers or discounters. You will enjoy convenience and peace of mind all while saving money! Pay Less. Get More.

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Our low monthly payments help you save money up front and over time!

Example Cost Comparison: Acuvue 1-Day Moist

(both eyes)
Retail cost Satisfeye
3 Month Supply
90 packs x2
Annual Cost
90 packs x8
First 3 Month Supply
90 packs x2
3 Month Supply Ongoing
90 packs x2
Annual Cost
90 packs x8
Annual Savings
Cost Breakdown $72.25 x2 $72.25 x8 Membership fees only
($49 x2)
3 monthly payment of $37.98
11 monthly payments ($37.98)
+ membership ($98)
Total Cost $144.50 $578 $98 $113.94 $515.78 $62.22

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  1. Express options are available at additional cost.
  2. Upon any change of lens selection, the new monthly payment will be charged on the next scheduled payment date.
  3. Subject to limit of actual out of pocket cost. In-network participating doctors only. $10 rebate available for out-of-network doctors.

Tips for Your Eye Health

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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